Luca Giordano


Copper engraving, hand colored, c. 1780.
14 3/8 x 17 7/8" (362 x 455mm).
Good condition and color save two 1" repaired tears into sky and marginal repairs.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 48976
Price: $1,200.00
Publisher :
Allegorical engraving by Juan Antonio Salvator Carmona after (Luca Giordano) Lucas Jordan's painting, located in the royal palace at Madrid. Italian-born, Jordan became court painter to Kings Charles II and Philip V of Spain. At center is the figure of America, dressed as an Indian maiden with headdress, bow and quiver. From the sky Britannia and the British lion look down. Maidens harvest oysters from the sea at left. At right cherubs appear with parrots and a crocodile. 18th-19th Century Subjects , Historical , Famous Events