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The Checkerboard. Howard Cook issue.

  • ARTIST: Howard Cook

  • PUBLISHER: Published by The Weyhe Gallery.


    DATE: 1931.


  • DESCRIPTION: Deluxe edition of the Weyhe Gallery exhibition catalogue, with original signed wood engraving "Wood Interior." Contains eight original relief prints created by the artist and printed in the catalogue and seven illustrations. The back page woodcut "Church. (Checkerboard Tailpiece)" is signed in ink. There is a chronological list of etchings, lithographs and woodcuts, a lengthy bio. The original prints printed in the catalogue are "Checkerboard Triangle;" "Window Plants;" "Chrysler Tower;" "Chimneys;" "Book Stalls;" "Self Portrait;" "Houses in Snow;" "Church Checkerboard Tailpiece." The total printing of the catalogue was 5,000 + 100 deluxe. Being epherema most were discarded, 8vo. (9 x 6"), stapled softcover.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: One of the 100 deluxe printings with the signed original prints "Wood Interior."

  • CONDITION: Very good condition.