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Stock, R. (untitled)


  • MEDIUM: Engraving,

    DATE: undated c. 1661.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 7 3/8 x 4 5/8" (188 x 118 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: "J. Rawlins sulp. 1661." Another portrait on verso of "Nicolas de Helt Stocade." Text in print under image, "Reader if ever Fame did fill thy eare * withe name of Reverent Stock, behold him heere, * Not in this Shaddow onely, but turne ore, * the Booke, and veiw this Stocke's improved store. * There shalt find mix't with Grave Divintie * a Prophets depe mysterious Prophecy. * then thanke his care whose goodness doth unlocke, * and publish to ye world spe Rich a Stocke."

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: This print is laid on another sheet of paper where someone added notes. It makes reference that this print is from the "Frontispiece to the 'Commentary on Malachi." Under the print, "Rd. Stock, rector of Allhallows, Breadstreet, was a very assiduous and pathetic preacher & of a most escemplary life. His success in his ministry was answerable to his character. His 'Commentary on Malachi,' was esteemed a learned and usful work. He died 20th April, 1626. See Fuller's Worthies in Yorkshire p. 231."

  • CONDITION: Good to fair condition. Print has been trimmed and laid on another sheet of paper. Printing crese in lower portion of image.


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