Fishing and hunting have been a part of human history for longer than anyone can truly date. Today, both are largely viewed as hobbies and sporting activies, but historically they were means of survival. It was how people fed themselves and their families and offered a wider variety of foods into their diet. The earliest known depictions of hunting and fishing can be found in prehistoric cave art and Ice Age artifacts, which can date back tens of thousands of years.

In this show, however, we feature works created in the 19th and 20th century. While artistic styles vary, each of these artists had one thing in common - they were printmakers. Some preferred engraving, which is as old as the printing press (15th century), while others preferred drypoint (also 15th century, although was seldom used until later centuries because of its delicate nature), etching (believed to originate in the 16th century) or lithography (invented in 1796). 

We hope you enjoy this online exhibition.