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John Meigs


John Meigs was an American artist, born in Chicago. His family moved frequently before settling in Texas until his father died when he was fifteen, at which point he and his foster mother moved to California, where he would attend the University of Redlands. It wasn't until Meigs joined the Navy during World War II that he learned his father had "kidnapped" him as baby and ran off with his mistress. Meigs would never meet his biological mother. 

Meigs produced both fine art and commercial work and is noted for being one of the early designers of the Hawaiian aloha shirt while he was living in Hawaii. It was painter Peter Hurd who truly influenced him to pursue an artistic career and the two held a lifelong friendship.

Meigs was showcased in more than fifty solo exhibitions across the country. He was awarded The Governors Award for Excellence & Achievement in the Arts by the New Mexico Arts Commission in 1993 for his artistic contributions to the state.