Antonio Frasconi (1919-2013) (Uruguay/American) an artist, teacher, and author recognized for his woodcuts, artist’s books and children’s books.   

As an artist Frasconi split his time between woodcut images for sale as individual objects, artist’s books and children’s books.  He produced a large body of woodcuts, however, often in very small editions.  The images were often of political and social issues that interested him, working people, and the beautiful landscapes around his home in Norwalk.  Frasconi is likely best known for his artist’s books and the many children’s books he illustrated and wrote.  In 1955 he wrote and illustrated a Children’s book, See and Say: A Picturebook in Four Languages because he could not find any bi-lingual books to teach his children.  The book was written in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.  This was not his first children’s book that he illustrated, but it is the first he wrote and illustrated.  His most celebrated artist book is Los Desaparecidos (The Missing); he worked on the images from 1973 to 1985.  The work is a testament to the human loss at the hands of the rightist dictatorship in Uruguay during this time.  

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