The Old Print Shop

Bodenheim, Meyer & Co. Hardware, No 42 Warren St. New York. (Trade sign)


  • PUBLISHER: Printed by Endicott & Co. Liith. 59 Beekman St. N.Y.

  • MEDIUM: Three-stone lithograph,

    DATE: c.1870.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 14 3/8 x 16 7/8" (36.4 x 42.9 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Three proprietors names are listed - H. Bodenheim, A. Meyer.and A. Kastor. All sorts of wonderful objects are found within the image - shovels, hammers, screws, nails, anvil, rifles, pistols, decoys, fishing poles, creels, plains saws, and cutlery. The business changed names upon the death of Bodenheim in 1873 and went bankrupt in 1876. Adolph Kastor opened a cutlery company and later formed the Camillus Cutlery Company. Likely quite rare.


  • CONDITION: Fair condition. Several short tears in margins and one large tear in in upper portion of image. Backed on rice paper.


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