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Seven Affordable Sins.

  • ARTIST: Art Werger


    DATE: 1998.


  • DESCRIPTION: Portfolio of eight mezzotints, seven of sins, one “The Cathedral.” Presented in a black cloth portfolio with 7 embossed on the cover, title page and colophon page. Plate sizes vary, paper size 13 x 10" all the prints are signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil. <BR><BR> Additional text on the title page “Are you missing something? Have you been denying yourself the behaviors which define your humanity? Once only affordable to a privileged few, the seven “deadly” sins can now be yours. If you thought that such indulgences were beyond your reach, think again. With easy payments terms, you may be able to afford the things you’ve always wanted. Live is too short for sacrifice. So, indulge yourself, nor . . . . Pay Later.” <BR><BR> Titles of the seven sins are from the top left: Sloth; Gluttony; Greed; Lust; Envy; Anger; Pride; and the final print is Cathedral. <BR><BR> From the Colophon "The 'Seven Affordable Sins' series grew from observing people in malls around the country over the last few years. Gradually, certain familiar themes revealed themselves. Upon closer observation I became convinced that these behaviors weren't accidental, but were the result of an intentional selling of indulgences, done in a manner that was socially acceptable, even socially desirable...." <BR><BR>


  • CONDITION: Very good condition .