Careless Talk ... got there first.

Lithograph, 1944.
Paper size 39 15/16 x 28 1/2" (101.4 x 72.3 cm)
Very good condition. Linen backed.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 35035
Price: $750.00
Publisher : U.S. Government Printing Office: 1944 - O - 593271
U.S. government printing office : 1944-O-593271. Distributed for the Issuing Agencies by O.W.I.

A powerful image depicting the death of troops due to troop movement talks.

Printed on verso:
"Careless Talk Got There First! This poignant poster, graphically portraying a possible result of someone's thoughtless talk, is the work of Herbert Morton Stoops.

Mr. Stoops, a batter commander in the last war [World War I], has won eminence as an artist in the field of military activities, and holds many awards for his portrayals of the American scene.

Please give this poster prominent display... now that we are attacking, it is more important than ever to intensify the home-front fight on careless talk."
20th Century Subjects , Historical , World War II