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Marguerite Montaut (Gamy)


Marguerite "Gamy" Montaut was a French poster artist of the early 20th century. Like her husband, Ernest Montaut, Gamy worked in the pochoir process to depict dramatic imagery of new age of motor mechanics, using many of the techniques her husband was credited with inventing. Two such techniques were speed lines and the bending and foreshortening of the image to give the illusion of high speeds.

Perhaps a victim of the times, when women artists were not considered as saleable as their male counterparts, Gamy's name did not begin to appear on artwork until her husband's untimely demise in 1909. All subsequent works were signed "M. Montaut" or "Gamy," the latter of which is most common. "Gamy" is an anagram of her nickname, Magy.

Gamy survived her husband by nearly three decades.