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Joannes Wiclif S.T.P. Rector de Lutterworth. (John Wycliffe)


  • MEDIUM: Mezzotint

    DATE: c.1750.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image 9 1/8 x 6 3/4" (23.1 x 17.4 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: Lower title: A. Tabula penes Nobilissimum Ducem Dorsettiae. Penes J. QAmes; G. White fec.<br><br>Portrait of John Wycliffe, half-length in an oval frame, with a white beard, looking to right, right hand holding a staff, wearing a dark cloak and cap.<br><br> John Wycliffe, (c.1330-1384) was an English scholastic philosopher, theologian, Biblical translator, reformer, priest, and a seminary professor at the University of Oxford. He became an influential dissident within the Roman Catholic priesthood during the 14th century and is considered an important predecessor to Protestantism. Wyclif is chiefly remembered for his role in translating.the Bible into English.


  • CONDITION: Fair to good condition. Trimmed to image and drum mounted (adding 1/4" margins.) Small loss of text and margin in lower and upper right. A nice impression.


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