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Declaration of Independence

  • ARTIST: John Trumbull

  • PUBLISHER: No publisher noted on the print but definitely by Kurz & Allison

  • MEDIUM: Chromolithograph

    DATE: Undated c.1890

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 17 1/2 x 25 1/8" (443 xc 63.8 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: A animated rendering of John Trumbull’s iconic painting.<br><br> Trumbull’s painting depicts the moment on June 28, 1776, when the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was presented to the Second Continental Congress. The document stated the principles for which the Revolutionary War was being fought and which remain fundamental to the nation. Less than a week later, on July 4, 1776, the Declaration was officially adopted, it was later signed on August 2, 1776. <br><br> The firm of Kurz and Allison were a major publisher of chromolithographs during the late 19th century. Based in Chicago, they built their reputation on large colorful prints depicting various battles of the American Civil War. In all, a set of 36 battle scenes were produced They also published views of the Spanish–American War, portraits of important figures of the day, historical events and natural disasters. <br><br> Harry T. Peters talks about the firm of Kurz & Allison in his book "America on Stone" (Doubleday, 1931). Louis Kurz came to America from Austria in1848. He fought in the Civil War on the Union side and was a personal friend of Abraham Lincon. Peters commends the firms "pure, wild and unadulterated American lithography".<br><br>


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color.