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Fig. 1,3,4. Ex Museo Mulleriana; Fig. 2, Ex Museo Schadeloockiano. Tab. XXVI.

  • ARTIST: George Wolfgang Knorr

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Nuremberg, Germany.

  • MEDIUM: Hand colored copper plate engraving.

    DATE: 1764-73.

  • EDITION SIZE: Plate size, 8 x 6 1/8" (206 x 157 mm) plus margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: A nicely colored and well engraved print of shells from Knorr's "Les Délices Des Yeux et de L'espirit, ou Collection Generale des Differentes Espèces de Coquillages Que La Mer Renferme." This title translates to, "Delights for the Eyes and the Spirit, or a General Collection of the Different Species of Shells That the Sea Contains." The prints in this work are after drawings by Knorr, C. Dietsch, Johann Kleemann, J.C. Keller, and C. Leinberger and were engraved by a number of different people such as Johann Joninger; Jacobus Eisenmann, Paul Küffner, Andreas Hoffner, H.J. Tyroff, Valentin Bischoff and Gustav Trautner.


  • CONDITION: Good condition with original handcoloring.


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