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The Yorkshire Bumkins Mistake.

  • ARTIST: George Woodward

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Thomas Tegg No. 111 Cheapside.

  • MEDIUM: Etching, handcolored,

    DATE: c. 1790-1800.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 8 7/8 x 13 1/8" (22.5 x 33.2 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Plate # 155. <br><br> This British satirical cartoon pokes fun at the "simplicity" of country folk. A plump country footman (or servant) stands in conversation with a more fashionably dressed London footman. His employer wishes to speak with the lady of the house, but finds she is absent when the Londoner says, "Tell the Dowager, My Lady is gone to Court." <br><br> The statement is misinterpreted by the countryman. He believes the lady has gone out to woo a bachelor, when in fact the London footman meant his lady was attending royal court. In this manner, the countryman replies in comedy, "Gone to Court!! come thats a good one—I thought she was married— you Lononers be strange people to be sure—Gone to Court! Mercy on us! why where I come from the Leadies always expect—that of the Men." <br><br> "Dowager" was a name given to a widow who held a title or owned property. It was typically used in aristocratic society. It adds an element of comedy to the situation, as the countryman is not in tune with aristocratic lingo, despite working for one.


  • CONDITION: Good condition save for overall toning. With original handcoloring.